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Discover the region and its places

Blick auf ein grünes Gerstenfeld, über das der Wind streift (Copyright: Frank Bierstedt)

Special metals and quartz crystals

Special metals from Goslar are found in every second smartphone. The mountains have been mined for over 1000 years. Hikers still find manganite and quartz crystals today.

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The nature reserve Gifhorner Heide shows its diverse beauty throughout all seasons. Its violet flowers look particularly splendid in late summer.

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600 half-timbered houses in the town of Wolfenbüttel alone! Wolfenbüttel’s town centre is known far beyond the borders of the region for its picturesque city centre.

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The Juleum has been located in Helmstedt since 1612. Built as a lecture hall and library for the former university, visitors can now find a museum there and take part in guided tours.

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From owner-managed specialist shops to the Braunschweiger Schloss Arkaden shopping centre – everyone will find what they are looking for in this city, where everything is close to hand.


The Salzgittersee was created from a gravel pit and is now a huge watersports centre. If the weather is bad, the Salzgitter-Lebenstedt indoor swimming pool or the ice rink can be used.

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The Braunschweig Lion

The Braunschweig lion has been watching over the town, which has made a name for itself as a "lion town", since 1166.

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The otter centre

Otters are threatened with extinction – not so in Hankensbüttel. With its six hectares of open-air grounds, the Nature Experience Centre, which is unique in Europe, is home to the cute animals.


8 Palaeolithic javelins have been found in Schöningen – the oldest preserved hunting weapons in the world. The spectacular construction of the paläon shows these and other surprises.

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Till Eulenspiegel

The famous prankster from the Middle Ages got up to his mischief in Wolfenbüttel. A dedicated museum was set up in his honour in Schöppenstedt.

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Sophisticated writing implements are known throughout the country under the name Pelikan. These and other workshops still cultivate craftsmanship in Peine.

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Hiking in the Harz

The unique landscape of Germany's northernmost low mountain range is a must for hikers! This experience of nature impressed even Johann Wolfgang von Goethe so much that he described it in detail in Faust.

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Whether Grizzlys or VfL – Wolfsburg lives and breathes top sport. But the city is also excellently positioned within popular sports, such as American football, pool and baseball.

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Peine has been celebrating its famous Freischießen (free shooting) festival every summer for more than 400 years. People from Peine and the surrounding area call this huge folk festival the 5th season.

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Steel industry

Iron ore was already smelted in Salzgitter in pre-Christian times. Today, the name Salzgitter stands worldwide for quality steel from Germany.

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One of the world's largest automobile groups comes from Wolfsburg. VW is not only by far the largest employer in the city, but also a figurehead for German engineering worldwide.

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 (Copyright: Stadt Salzgitter/Fotograf Andre Kugellis)

The region: From heath to high-tech – it's all here

  • Exciting career opportunities in mobility, research or industry
  • Nature, hiking, skiing and mountain biking paradise with well over 100 sports clubs
  • Free space to live life to the full: numerous exhibitions, culinary options and cultural events.
 (Copyright: Allianz für die Region GmbH / Robert Zech)

Braunschweig: Shopping, culture and science

  • More than 1,500 shops, bars, cafés and restaurants attract visitors to the city
  • World-class classical culture meets experimental art
  • Science and research: at the top in Germany, well ahead in Europe
 (Copyright: Christian Wiesel)

District of Gifhorn: Innovations, automotive expertise plus regional fruit and vegetables

  • High engineering density and ninth place for patent applications in Germany
  • Automotive supplier location with VW research centre and test track
  • Asparagus, strawberries, blueberries and potatoes fresh from the district
[Translate to Englisch:] Zwei Wanderer im Harz (Copyright: Gerald Grote)

District of Goslar: Mountain wilderness, renewable energies and special metals

  • Beautiful nature in the Harz Mountains – the northernmost low mountain range in Germany
  • Top recycling location and market leader for special metals
  • Openness: approximately 30 percent of students at TU Clausthal come from abroad
 (Copyright: paläon GmbH)

District of Helmstedt: Future, history and experiences of nature

  • The "paläon" research and adventure centre with the oldest hunting weapons in the world
  • Academia Julia was once Germany's third largest university
  • Elm-Lappwald Nature Park and 600 kilometres of hiking and cycling trails
 (Copyright: Christian Bierwagen)

District of Peine: Rural idyll with activities and creativity

  • More than 900 kilometres of cycle paths and a wide range of activities
  • Famous manufacturers such as Pelikan, Rausch and Erlebnisbrauerei Härke
  • Creativity: craftwork, handicrafts and art studios for you to get involved
 (Copyright: Allianz für die Region GmbH / Andre Kugellis)

Salzgitter: Space for living, international technology and enjoying nature

  • Cheap housing and child- and family-friendly policies
  • Strong: second largest location for the German steel industry
  • Salzgittersee, natural thermal brine spring and 150 km of paths through mixed beech forest
 (Copyright: Allianz für die Region GmbH / Jochen Kienast)

District of Wolfenbüttel: Country life, student life and technology transfer

  • Strong knowledge and technology transfer between research and industry
  • Forward: Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, science and start-up region
  • Country life with charm, half-timbered architecture and lots of forest
 (Copyright: Allianz für die Region GmbH / Dieter Drescher)

Wolfsburg: Top-class sport, entertainment and mobility

  • VfL, Grizzlys and 120 clubs for every sports fan
  • Worth seeing: Science Center Phaeno, Art Museum and Badeland
  • Volkswagen Autostadt and largest non-university research centre in Europe