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From heath to high-tech - Explore the Region!

Steine ragen aus einem See hervor (Copyright: Südheide Gifhorn)

Want it all? Relax and pursue your career, enjoy country living and experience high culture, really go clubbing and paddle on idyllic rivers? Then this region was made for you!

International work of the highest caliber

Your smartphone probably contains a piece of (and from) Goslar: valuable special metals are important materials for mobile phones, computers and tablets – with most of them eventually ending up as electronics scrap. The Goslar district recognised their potential early on and developed to become a top recycling location. Exciting career opportunities await, among other things for specialists in metallurgy, chemicals and recycling – in Europe’s largest electronics scrap recycling facility.

Aside from recycling, the region offers a wealth of raw materials such as steel. If this makes you think of Salzgitter, you are right but also wrong. In addition to Salzgitter AG, many other global players along with numerous small to midsize enterprises define the local economy in the Salzgitter region – making it one of Germany’s major employment centres. Excellent prospects for trainees, graduates and those with work experience.

Iron smelting and smoking chimneys – the Peine district was defined mainly by mining and the steel industry into the 1970s. The region has changed considerably since then. In addition to numerous future-oriented enterprises, industry champions such as Christmann Informationstechnik and French automobile industry supplier Faurecia have settled here as well.

Volkswagen and everything that goes with it: the city of Wolfsburg has been inextricably linked to the automobile  since its founding. It also features Europe’s largest non-university research centre. All in all, the living and working conditions are ideal for highly qualified individuals from around the world.

The automotive sector is a big player in the Gifhorn district as well. Many other exciting employers are found here in addition to component suppliers, such as long-established company Butting, which makes steel containers for the paper and food sectors as well as heavy industry. Or Lorenz Snack-World, whose salty treats and snacks are enjoyed at parties and cosy evening get-togethers around the world.

In-depth research, successful founders and future-oriented training positions

Before products can be manufactured, research and development are required. Nowhere else in Germany will you find as many scientists per capita as in Braunschweig – Europe’s most research-intensive region. It’s hard to imagine a better breeding ground for collaboration between research and industry. The special strength of Braunschweig’s research landscape  lies in applied research in cooperation with industry.

Yet living in the region doesn’t mean you have to be involved in mobility, research or industry. From the energy supplier, to the industrial bakery, to the seed marketer: Helmstedt has a broad portfolio of companies with future-oriented training positions – and hits the nail on the head when it comes to meeting the needs of generation Y. 

Between the Harz and heath, the Wolfenbüttel region is a great place to live – and work. This region is home to numerous successful companies: from small or midsize family enterprises to large corporations. Those who found companies are supported with numerous subsidies, and the Entrepreneurship Center at Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences is known as a veritable start-up incubator!

After work, it’s time to relax: this is a great region for leisure time, working out and recreation.

(Photo: Frank Bierstedt)

A region in transformation.

Come along!

Plenty of space for local recreation and living life to the fullest

How do you prefer to spend your leisure time – in nature, at a concert or in a good restaurant? No matter where and how you personally prefer to unwind or recharge: in this region, it’s...#AllThere!

In Goslar and the surrounding area, for instance: here you will find Germany’s most northern mountain landscape  with a bona fide nature, hiking, skiing and mountain biking paradise. Harz National Park extends south from Goslar – with an unspoiled mountain wilderness and eight visitor centres, it isn’t just the starting point for hiking tours but also features exhibitions, a range of culinary options and cultural events.

You can go on holiday and relax in harmony with nature, but also simply live well: Salzgitter has Germany’s lowest residential density, leaving plenty of breathing space for everyone. The Peine shows its best side as well: this rural idyll with farm shops and agricultural enterprises is ideal for families and people who want to live – and shop – close to nature. Gifhorn, meanwhile, is a prime example of  rural living  at a high level, without having to forego the benefits of nearby metropolitan opportunities. Helmstedt’s Elm-Lappwald Nature Park not only has an outstanding recreation area but also features more than 600 km of marked hiking and bike trails.

From excitement to relaxation

Wolfenbüttel offers pure local recreation with its many forests and the Oker River, which invites you to go paddling. It also has a rich history that remains alive to this day: the town of Wolfenbüttel was the long-time residence of the Braunschweig-Lüneburg House of Welf. Several hundred half-timbered houses and magnificent structures still bear witness to this era today – as they do in nearby Hornburg.

Braunschweig in turn is a hub of culture, sports and nature. Take part in one of the exciting and entertaining guided Oker tours or relax in the city parks. With Eintracht Braunschweig, the city has a well-known sports club that is not only represented in the national football league but participates in numerous other sports as well: the club has more than 4,500 members who participate in basketball, handball, track and field, tennis, gymnastics and winter sports, among others.

Wolfsburg offers a very special mix of relaxation and exercise: the city is urban, green and lively at the same time – with a truly comprehensive range of options for sports fans: more than 100 sports clubs invite you to get involved. Those who prefer to watch and cheer on their favourite team have plenty of opportunities too, since elite sports are also at home in Wolfsburg – from the VfL to the Grizzlys. Last but not least, Wolfsburg is just as big on culture as Braunschweig: classic, prestigious culture of world renown is found here alongside experimental art and pop culture.

What exactly makes this region so special? Perhaps it is the successful mix of active living and relaxation, of tradition and modernity. Discover the region with your own eyes – you’ll be surprised!

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