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The whole fruit in a glas

Mann legt seiner Frau in einem Kornfeld den Arm um die Schulter (Copyright: Weizenbrennerei & Likörmanufaktur Dieckmann e.K.)

Information: Helmstedt-based Weizenbrennerei Dieckmann, a wheat distillery, is a bona fide traditional company – delicious liqueurs and grain schnapps are produced here at the company, which is already being run by the fourth generation of the same family. Find out the answers to the seven questions we asked owners Tanja and Johannes Dieckmann!

#1 Be honest, which of your products is most popular among your customers?

That’s definitely our ‘Vanille’ – a fluffy, creamy egg liqueur with loads of real vanilla: it’s proof that egg liqueur is definitely not just something your granny drinks.

#2 You currently offer 15 different spirits and liqueurs. Are you working on any other liqueurs or schnapps?

Definitely. We are constantly thinking about new flavours and also try out many different recipes here. However, we also have high quality standards: we only put our ‘drafts’ into series production and marketing once we are completely convinced of them.

#3 How do you put together the mixtures for your herbal liqueurs – do you draw on traditional recipes that have been handed down or do you develop your recipes yourself?

Both – it’s generally a combination of the two. Our aim is to combine old traditions with creative new ideas – so that we get a really exciting, high-quality product at the end.

Owner Johannes Diekmann (Photo: Weizenbrennerei & Likörmanufaktur Dieckmann e.K.)

#4 How long does it actually take from the idea for a new product to its production?

At least six months. We tinker with recipes, produce test liqueurs, taste them and assess them together – it’s important to do all of that carefully.

#5 Do you produce the juices for your fruit liqueurs yourself?

No, that’s not what we specialise in – after all, we aren’t primarily a juice producer. So we get deliveries from suppliers with whom we have had a good relationship for many years.

#6 Is your fruit liqueur based on the grain schnapps your distil yourself or do you use spirits from other producers?

Well, it’s a matter of pride, actually: the basis for all of our liqueurs is always our own grain schnapps, which has a strength of 32% by volume.

#7 You took over your parents’ company in 2014. Are you passionate about liqueurs and spirits yourself?

Am I ever (laughs) – I don’t think you can run a company like this without having a real passion for the products.

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