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From amino acids to cylinders – eleven employers in Helmstedt

Ein altehrwürdiges Gebäude im Grünen – eine Klinik der AWO. (Copyright: Holger Isermann)

Many of attractive employers and training companies in the region can be found around Helmstedt. And they show that there are exciting jobs to be had, both within the automotive sector and beyond. We share an overview.

Health in a bottle: Amino

You’re probably familiar with it from the hospital setting: the ‘drip’, a distinctive plastic or gas bottle with an infusion mixture. The active ingredients in such an infusion are dissolved in amino acids – and these are the precise amino acids that are produced by Amino, a company founded in 1958 and based in Frellstedt. The company’s range of products also includes special food for babies, infants and the elderly, as well as additives for dietary supplements.

Amino is a real hidden champion: the company, which has an annual turnover in the double-digit millions, today delivers its products to 35 countries – the most important destination markets besides the EU are North and, increasingly, South America. With an export rate of over 75 percent, the company is ideally positioned at the international level. In addition to a high standard of product quality, Amino is also committed to sustainable business activities and a strong corporate culture for its 65 employees.

Amino is currently looking for employees in the fields of chemistry, industrial mechanics, and analytics development. Interested? Then apply here!

Off to an energetic start at avacon

Electricity and gas, community heating systems and renewable energies – these are just a few topics that the Avacon company focuses on. With approximately 1,700 employees and around 180 trainees in its grid company, the corporate group is one of the largest employers and trainers in the region. Avacon supplies domestic customers, companies and community authorities with products and services in the energy sector.

Together with its subsidiaries Avacon Netz, Avacon Natur, Purena and others, Avacon combines decades of experience in the business sectors of electricity, gas, water, heating/cooling systems and renewable energies.

But the company doesn’t just focus on supplying energy. Avacon devotes particular attention to innovative solutions for the energy transition: photovoltaics, electromobility, smart measuring systems – a huge opportunity for graduates and experienced professionals who want to get involved in an up-and-coming industry. At Avacon, you work together to shape an environmentally friendly energy sector. Over 300 positions and training places are currently available around the world – many of which are here in the region. There is something for everyone, from call centre agents and engineers to sales representatives. You can learn more on Avacon’s job board.

Helping people with love and expertise: the AWO-Psychiatriezentrum

The AWO-Psychiatriezentrum (Psychiatry Center of the Workers’ Welfare Association) is based in Königslutter near Helmstedt. More than 700 patients are cared for here – on an out-patient, day-patient and in-patient basis. An enormous range of treatments is offered: general psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine, gerontological psychiatry, dependency-related illnesses, child and adolescent psychiatry, and forensic psychiatry are the main disciplines.

The hospital has a long history: the main building of the Herzoglich Braunschweigische Heil- und Pflegeanstalt (Duke of Braunschweig Hospital) was built in Königslutter in 1861 out of the hydrotherapy institution built in 1841 and certain parts of a monastery. Four years later, the building work was complete and the first 37 patients were admitted. The centre now employs around 1,100 employees, making it one of the top employers in the Helmstedt region.

The AWO Psychiatry Centre is continually looking for employees – not just doctors and nurses, but also colleagues in social media management and in other exciting areas. The job listings can be found here.

Gleaning energy from waste – at EEW

‘Energy from Waste’ is the slogan at EEW GmbH in Helmstedt. EEW is also represented in 17 other locations in addition to Helmstedt, and the company’s services comprise four core areas: thermal waste processing, waste disposal, energy production, and material flow management. 

Among other facilities at its Helmstedt site, EEW operates a waste incineration plant, which produces around 293,000 megawatt hours of electricity annually and covers the electricity requirements of around 85,000 households in the region. The plant is one of the largest in Germany and guarantees reliable disposal for eight neighbouring regions.

The company has over 1,000 employees – and is regularly looking for employees for its headquarters in Helmstedt. There are currently over ten vacant positions on the job portal, from student trainees and junior engineers to team leaders in creditor management. Internships and training places are also offered.

Anything but sweet – esco

As its name suggests, everything at the european salt company (esco) revolves around salt. The mining company has an over 100-year history and supplies sectors including the food and feed industries as well as the pharma industry.

In Grasleben near Helmstedt – one of its 18 sites – esco produces industrial and de-icing salts for road traffic, among other products. However, the mineral licks that animals love also come from here, as well as high-quality table salt for people.

The extraction and production processes follow clear guidelines with regard to quality and sustainability. esco is thus committed to safe and environmentally compatible production and business activities at all of its sites. This includes, for example, protecting resources, limiting emissions and preventing waste as well.

You can find current openings on the company’s career portal.


A long baking tradition – Steinecke

The story of today’s Großbäckerei Steinecke begins around 20 kilometres to the north of Helmstedt in 1945: just a few days after the end of the Second World War, Erich Steinecke founds a small village bakery in Groß Sisbeck. After just a few years, the business is busy day and night, and Steinecke expands: in 1951, he converts an old farm into a new, larger bakery – and from then on, it’s full steam ahead.

More than 1,500 people work at Steinecke today: they bake bread rolls and loaves, create delicious cakes and gateaux – and now there is even a dedicated coffee roaster, which bread expert Katrin Steinecke developed together with famous coffee artisan Albert Darboven. And the coffee is fair trade and 100 percent arabica, of course!

Steinecke places particular focus on good training for its employees – a commitment that is even reflected in the company’s modern trainee portal. Yet Steinecke also has many exciting positions open for experienced professionals and graduates – from delivery drivers, electronics technicians and tradespeople to the deputy manager of production. You can find all of the open positions on the job portal!

Nice and tight – roof membranes from Quandt

This company is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2018: on 1st April 1868, Wilhelm Quandt founded a company that produced roofing felt in Küstrin an der Oder. Quandt moved to Berlin ten years later, and roof membranes and materials have also been produced in Schöningen near Helmstedt since 1992. Quandt is a real hidden champion in the region – among other things, the company supplied roof membranes, insulating materials, seals and moisture barriers to the Berlin Federal Chancellery, the Holsten Brewery in Hamburg and also the Hundertwasserhaus in Magdeburg.

Around 75 employees work at the Berlin and Schöningen sites, making sure that everything is ‘watertight’ – at least when it comes to houses, bridges and tunnels.

Where ideas are brought into shape – rpm

The three letters rpm stand for Rapid Product Manufacturing, but what does that actually mean? Well, when an idea is in the process of maturing into a product, it needs to be converted from a two-dimensional image – such as a diagram or drawing – into real ‘hands-on’ objects. This is precisely what rpm does: the company has an in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies, which enables it to efficiently manufacture products according to a requirements profile or a technical drawing.

rpm is a young, ambitious company, founded in Helmstedt in 1997. Its customers come from high-tech sectors within the automotive, consumer goods, toys, electrical and optics industries. Yet rpm is also at home in the fields of plant and mechanical engineering, the furniture industry, medical technology, and aerospace technology, as well as in the areas of design, art production and architecture.

Does the idea of transforming innovative ideas into initial prototypes appeal to you? Then apply! rpm isn’t just continually looking for plastics engineers; there are also open jobs and training places in other areas – such as sales – too.

Sweet and sunny – seeds from Strube

Strube GmbH & Co. KG is located in Söllingen, around 20 kilometres to the south of Helmstedt as the crow flies. This company has been developing and marketing seeds for sugar beets, wheat and sunflowers, peas and sweetcorn since 1877. State-of-the-art biological research is what makes it possible: in collaboration with Strube Research GmbH and partner companies in France and Italy, seed varieties are developed and propagated directly according to customer requests. The product range comprises more than 250 varieties, which are sold in 35 countries: Strube GmbH is ideally positioned at the international level thanks to subsidiaries and representative offices in more than 30 countries, from Egypt to Belarus.

Two hundred and eighty employees work for Strube around the world; the company’s job openings cover a broad spectrum of exciting areas of work. Lab assistants, product managers and programmers are currently being sought, among others.

Always on the go – with Sport-Thieme

Based in Helmstedt, Sport-Thieme has been catering to the needs of sportspeople for almost 70 years. The family-run company sells and distributes a range of over 13,000 sports items and sports accessories for over 70 different sports by mail order and via its online shop. Whether you’re looking for balls for American football, dumbbells and exercise bikes, skateboards or trampolines – you’ll find what you’re looking for at Sport-Thieme.

But trainees and graduates will also find that they’re looking for as well: the company continually offers training in five areas, and the open positions extend from exchange administrators and service technicians to the assistant to the head of logistics. By the way: the kununu career portal awarded Sport-Thieme with the quality seals ‘Top Company’ and ‘Open Company’. Three hundred and thirty colleagues can’t be wrong…

Firing on all cylinders – Till Hydraulik

Are you looking for an exciting job in an industry that has no concerns about the future? Then Till Hydraulik in Helmstedt might be right for you. Founded in 1962 as a two-man company, more than 200 employees now work in the enterprise, which produces hydraulic cylinders, valve and control technology as well as hydraulic units and individual components for hydraulic systems.

Besides pure manufacturing, the company successfully seeks links with other industries – which has led to joint projects with the commercial vehicle industry and rail vehicle construction sector.

Training is also offered at Till Hydraulik, including for office management assistants and precision mechanics. Anyone who has already completed training or a degree is also welcome: engineers and project buyers are currently being recruited.


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