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Employers in Braunschweig: a brief overview

Gebäudefassade von Volkswagen Financial Services (Copyright: Christopher Camillo Czichy)

Braunschweig isn’t home to the atomic clock by chance. While it sets the pace for our life and work, the city is also a starting point for an extremely diverse range of careers that lead straight to a successful future. An overview.

If you were asked to name Germany’s research capital, would Braunschweig be the first on the list? According to the EU Statistical Office, Braunschweig is the European leader in research and development spending measured according to gross domestic product. More researchers – 15,000 – work here than anywhere else across the nation. And new talent is encouraged to ensure it stays that way: the university city has some 20,000 students. Twenty-seven research institutions are also represented in Braunschweig, such as the Thünen Institute and the Julius Kühn Institute. Both institutes have a great responsibility: among other things, they advise the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) on issues relating to agriculture and forestry that will affect us in the future.

Sweet as sugar – the white gold comes from here

But Braunschweig isn’t limited to research, of course. As ‘Germany’s most industry-friendly city’ – Braunschweig was ranked sixth out of 69 in the dynamic ranking of ImmobilienScout24, WirtschaftsWoche and IW Consult – the city is also home to international corporations. Nordzucker is one example: having been in business since 1838, the company is now Europe’s second-largest sugar producer and also produces feedstuffs from sugar beets in addition to bioethanol. Nordzucker is an important partner for the food industry, retailers and consumers with 18 European locations. But tradition is important, and so the headquarters remain in Braunschweig. Nordzucker is in a great position to compete for qualified, skilled workers. This was also confirmed by the Deutschland Test ‘Top Career Opportunities’ seal, which was awarded by Focus and Focus Money in 2016. Nordzucker took first place in the food production category. Applicants and employees see this award as proof of the company’s forward-looking and innovative culture.


From school atlases to an e-learning provider

Do you remember your school atlas? If you grew up in Germany, it was mostly likely produced by the Diercke company. The Westermann Group that continues to publish this classic first released in 1883 to this day is considering what education will look like in future. The famous world atlas is therefore now available with additional online offerings and exciting new supplementary information. Because this requires innovative new job profiles, the Westermann Group is regularly seeking editors, education consultants, product managers and web developers. 

Numbers, please!

Those who prefer maths, calculation and juggling figures will find attractive possibilities for personally fulfilling careers in Braunschweig. Öffentliche Versicherung Braunschweig, for example, trains specialists in insurance and finance, IT management assistants and qualified IT specialists for system integration. Cooperative courses of study specialising in insurance or business studies/facility management are possible as well. Starting your career with the ‘Öffentliche’ has many benefits. As an employer, the insurer has repeatedly received certifications based on the ‘berufundfamilie’ (job and family) audit carried out by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs – among other things for its family-friendly HR policies.

Public insurance in Braunschweig. (Photo: Allianz für die Region GmbH / Jörg Scheibe)


Workers in the banking sector don’t have to look far for jobs in Braunschweig, either. Volksbank BraWo, one of the largest cooperative banks in northern Germany, has traditional links to the region. It merged with Volksbank Peine eG in 2016. Since then, it operates 48 branches in Braunschweig, Gifhorn, Peine, Salzgitter and Wolfsburg, serving more than 143,000 local customers. Following the cooperative principle upheld by its over 50,000 members, the broad-based network with regional service providers such as tradespeople and architects is a permanent pillar of customer consulting. By the way, its link to the region is no mere advertising slogan: Volksbank BraWo regularly donates proceeds from its own profits savings association to support organisations such as local sports clubs.

Energy and mobility – Braunschweig keeps things moving

For many, working in the region means working for Volkswagen. All roads lead to the topic of mobility in Braunschweig as well. And not just because it is home to VW’s oldest plant. Chassis components, axles, steering and battery systems leave the production line in Braunschweig and are components in the company’s success. Services provided by subsidiary Volkswagen Financial Services are another key to mobility. Financing, leasing, insurance and fleet management are ‘Made in Braunschweig’ as well.

The question of how we will get about in future also drives the experts at Siemens Mobility in Braunschweig. In 2011, the division received the largest train order in the company’s history thus far from Deutsche Bahn. The new ICE 4 from Siemens Mobility has replaced older models of Intercity and Eurocity fleets since 2017. Signaling and safety systems for rail traffic, local and long-distance traffic and future-oriented infrastructure development are the focal points at the Braunschweig site. Engineers and IT specialists are particularly in demand.

Electricity, gas, water and heat come from one source in Braunschweig: Braunschweiger Versorgungs AG – or BS|ENERGY as its short, modern name – emphasises efficiency and resource conservation. The company develops modern supply solutions to prepare the city for the future. BS|ENERGY is driving the expansion of the region’s fibre optics network and WLAN hotspots, and developing solutions for smart living, e-mobility and efficient urban districts

BS Energy wind farm. (Photo: Allianz für die Region GmbH / Jörg Scheibe)

Gate to the world of fashion

If you’re interested in fashion, you head to Berlin. Or that’s the stereotype, at least. But opportunities for an exciting career with a pan-European fashion retailer can also be found in Braunschweig. Purchaser, web developer, project manager: the path to the New Yorker company headquarters is open to these and other specialists. The group distributes its fashions for young people at more than 1,000 branches in 40 countries. Braunschweig is home to the world’s largest New Yorker flagship store. It is one of 800 stores that make this city the region’s shopping paradise. Standing in front of the building with its gigantic illuminated banner feels like being in New York’s Times Square.

Braunschweig is home to the world’s largest New Yorker flagship store.
Braunschweig is home to the world’s largest New Yorker flagship store. (Photo: Christopher Camillo Czichy)

The place to be for dual career couples

Braunschweig offers excellent opportunities, especially for couples where both partners are employed. Thanks to the broad mix of fields and industries, from research and education, to fashion, financial services and foods, to engineering and publishing, one thing is for sure: there’s the right combination for everyone here. After work, you can enjoy nature, the theatre or the nightlife, for example in one of the numerous clubs. 


- Company: Westermann Group
- Industry: publishing
- Number of employees: 1,300 in Germany

- Company: Siemens Mobility
- Industry: transportation
- Number of employees: 3,000

- Company: Braunschweiger Versorgungs AG / BS Energy
- Industry: energy, water, infrastructure
- Number of employees: 1,200 company-wide

- Company: Öffentliche Versicherung Braunschweig
- Industry: insurance
- Number of employees: 1,300

- Company: Volksbank BraWo
- Industry: finance
- Number of employees: 580

- Company: Volkswagen Financial Services
- Industry: finance
- Number of employees: 6,500 in Germany

- Company: Nordzucker
- Industry: foodstuffs
- Number of employees: 3,300

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