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Fashion, variety and the best working conditions: a career with New Yorker

Regal mit gestapelten Jeans in Filiale  (Copyright: NEW YORKER Braunschweig)

New Yorker represents modern fashion with a large selection of apparel and accessories. The Braunschweig company is also an attractive employer with 16,000 employees around the world. We spoke with Lidija Eickenroth, Head of Personnel Marketing and Recruiting.

Ms Eickenroth, can you sum up the unique spirit of the New Yorker company for us?

We are driven by a passion for fashion, and our slogan ‘Dress for the moment’ is our mission.

What else sets the company apart?

Music, sports, entertainment, social involvement and of course fashion – we never lose sight of the big picture: the lifestyle that’s defined by the world of fashion and makes every moment so unique. That’s why our employees not only bring a love of fashion to life, but are also our driving force, providing New Yorker with new inspiration in a diverse range of areas every day and moving us forward.


NEW YORKER shop in Braunschweig (Photo: NEW YORKER Braunschweig)

What special advantages do you offer for employees, such as flexible working time models, company benefits and so on?

When you work at New Yorker, you get a personal discount on our products, and our employees appreciate this offer and regularly make use of it. New Yorker also has an employee cafeteria in many of its office buildings, where healthy and varied meals are freshly prepared. In addition to the daily specials, employees can have their pasta prepared individually by the chef with fresh ingredients at the noodle counter. The option to rent the New Yorker holiday home on Sylt at a discount is always popular as well. Our employees like working in modern offices or extravagant buildings like the Rizzi Haus. The employees also take advantage of the numerous discounts and bonuses with a wide variety of partners in the recreation, event and catering sectors, especially in and around Braunschweig.

In which fields of work do you regularly have open positions?

As an international fashion retailer, New Yorker regularly has exciting job openings in all areas of the company. Apart from the core departments such as Purchasing or Marketing, we’re often looking for new, motivated employees in Finance, Controlling, Logistics and HR. Our large IT department, which currently has about 120 employees, is always looking for new IT specialists as well. Even though New Yorker has grown rapidly in recent years, the company still remains focused on expansion and offers potential employees the opportunity to optimise current processes and actively help shape the future strategy and direction of the company.

In which areas do you receive an especially high number of applications?

On the whole, New Yorker receives promising, high-quality applications across every area of the company. However, we receive a particularly large number for Purchasing and Marketing, as New Yorker is known for these core areas as a fashion company. The company is currently seeking to strengthen its employer brand and boost awareness in the other areas as well through active personnel marketing, and thereby increase the number of applications we receive here. In addition to incoming applications, training and continuing education are major aspects as New Yorker offers a wide variety of entry options for students and graduates through training, internships, cooperative courses of study and a trainee programme.

I want to work for New Yorker. Where do I start?

New Yorker offers specialists and managers as well as career starters the opportunity to join directly, as well as the chance to launch their own career at headquarters through dual bachelor courses. The choice of subject areas here includes retail management, finance, fashion management and information management. In addition to cooperative courses of study, New Yorker offers various training positions, for example in retail, office management, marketing communication and real estate, IT and media design.

I’d like to ask you one last thing about Braunschweig: what do you think makes this city special?

Braunschweig is just as versatile as New Yorker. On the one hand, you can experience a genuine metropolitan flair here, but on the other hand, there are plenty of places to unwind. New Yorker has the right style for every moment, and Braunschweig has the right opportunities for every personality.

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