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Aha-Erlebnismuseum - the museum for children and young people

Kinder und Jugendmuseum von innen  (Copyright: AHA-Erlebnismuseum)

The world is full of mysteries, and your children are eager to discover them. So let’s check out the AHA-ERLEBNISmuseum in Wolfenbüttel! Every year between March and November, you and your offspring can learn about the mysteries of nature and the Earth based on a new theme, experience thrilling experiments and marvel at some ‘aha’ experiences together. This museum is great fun for the whole family – and educational too!

Surprising effects – experiencing the laws of nature up close

Discover, research, try out – children and young people are inquisitive and curious about the world. At the AHA-ERLEBNISmuseum in Wolfenbüttel, your little ones – and even the older ones – can fully indulge their passion for tinkering and exploring. They can do so as visitors, and as exhibition organisers as well – but more on that later.

Dozens of experiments at this interactive museum allow schoolchildren and nursery-aged youngsters to experience the world of science and technology up close and through play. This is a great deal of fun and, of course, also yields surprising effects – adults will learn a lot too. This casual approach to learning helps the researchers and inventors of tomorrow learn about important and exciting mechanisms of the laws of nature. The exhibition, which is completely redesigned each year, offers in-depth insights into an overarching central theme, which is then revealed in every imaginable facet in the fields of biology, physics, geology and chemistry. This allows your children to embark on a whole new journey of discovery each year.

Dozens of experiments let youngsters experience the world of science and technology up close and through play. (Photo: AHA-Erlebnismuseum)

Going deep and digging up hidden treasures

Let’s look back at 2017 (until 11 November) as an example: the interactive exhibit titled ‘Treasure Chamber – Ice-Cold Glowing AHA Effects’ made it possible for children to journey to the centre of the Earth. Even the complex chemical and physical processes inside the Earth became an event for children here. The exhibit offered the opportunity to experience mysterious processes ‘live’. How do crystals and diamonds grow? Where do ores and oil come from? How do fossils form? These are just a few of the many questions that were answered for the children through experiments and hands-on displays. Each year, the focus is allowing children to discover and try out things for themselves.

From the interior of the Earth, children could also travel to the surface, to the Arctic or the desert, for example. They could explore the frozen ground of the polar regions as well as the hottest and driest areas on the planet. Many questions that children often have were answered: is there more to the desert than grains of sand as far as the eye can see? How do plants and animals survive here? Where is water, the source of all life, hidden? Children had the chance to dig for fossils and gain insights into the work of archaeologists – or even find the coveted black gold. If you’re regretting that last year’s exhibit is already closed, not to worry – the museum continues with an equally exciting topic starting in March. Why not check it out? Or help to shape the next exhibition yourself!

True teamwork – young and adult explorers working hand in hand

The museum is sponsored by the non-profit association ‘AHA-ERLEBNIS Kindermuseum e.V.’, founded in 2000 to develop an exciting hands-on museum for children of all ages. The first interactive exhibit, ‘The Hands of Time’, was organised way back in March 2002. Since then, the association and its volunteer members have organised a new theme-based exhibit each year. Just to name a few examples from years past: ‘Your Place in This World’, ‘Anyone out There? A Mysterious Journey into the Universe’, ‘Think – Brain + Senses = Phenomena’ or ‘Everything is on the Move – Your Body’.

The children’s museum naturally relies on the support of many volunteers when it comes to putting on its exhibits. And they include not only adults, but children too. To this end, the association has a children’s parliament, which currently includes more than 30 ‘researcher kids’ between the ages of six and 16 years. They start by asking the questions they are interested in and diligently conduct research and try to develop the best experiments and displays for the upcoming exhibit. After all, children and teens are the ones who know best what really interests and excites them. In addition to content from the fields of science and research, the researcher kids also learn how to participate, value their own opinion and, at the very least, gain an understanding of the basic elements of museum education. And anyone who wants can join in next time!

A new experience every year

As can be expected, the excitement is high when, after months of preparation and set-up, the year’s new exhibit is finally opened in March. Is everything working as planned? How are visitors reacting? And then the sense of achievement, when people eagerly experiment and try things out!

The success of the children’s museum is also evident in the high number of groups from educational institutions such as schools and nurseries. The annual exhibit is open from March to October. Visitors can discover and explore the museum’s rooms from Friday through Monday afternoons; opening hours are extended during school holidays in Lower Saxony.

Become a researcher and explorer with your children: put on your safety goggles and protective gloves and embark on an adventure of knowledge together. Fun and a wide range of exciting ‘aha’ experiences are guaranteed for the whole family

AHA-ERLEBNISMUSEUM für Kinder und Jugendliche
Lindener Straße 15
38300 Wolfenbüttel

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