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Automotive hotspot – 10 companies focused on mobility

VW Hafen und altes Kraftwerk (Copyright: Allianz für die Region GmbH / Olaf Wenkebach)

Wolfsburg is shaped by mobility. This is reflected not only in the cityscape, but also in the large number of employers in the automotive sector. We introduce the ten most exciting companies.

#1 Volkswagen – the global player ‘made in Wolfsburg’

In the beginning there was Volkswagen. Wolfsburg was founded as a city in 1938 specifically to serve as the location for the Volkswagen factory. Today, Volkswagen AG is Europe’s largest automobile manufacturer, producing the vehicle brands Audi, Porsche, Seat, Škoda and Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini, as well as the sleek Ducati motorcycles, but also powerful trucks and buses from MAN and Scania. Oh yes, and of course Volkswagen, too. As for the latter, the Golf, Tiguan and Touran roll off the assembly line here. In total, over 50,000 people work for Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg – that’s almost every second job in the city. Skilled workers in a wide range of occupations find employment here, from engineers to technicians to product managers. Not only are motor vehicles produced here, there are also many innovative jobs in fields focusing on the future, such as e-mobility or digital mobility services.


#2 The auto city of Autostadt

Autostadt  is the name that the people of Wolfsburg lovingly call their hometown. Autostadt GmbH, the company of the same label, lives up to its name. It offers a mixture that is unique in Germany – including a distribution centre for vehicles, an amusement park and a museum focusing on cars – which guarantees a variety of different jobs in a workplace with extraordinary architecture. And people with extremely diverse qualifications find work here, in keeping with the wide range of opportunities at Autostadt. More than 1,000 employees look after the needs of the approximately 2.5 million visitors from all over the world who come to experience the fascination of the car in a special setting.

#3 Edag Engineering – engineering at its finest

Edag Engineering Group AG is the world’s largest independent provider of engineering services to the automotive industry. Volkswagen is also among its customers, which is why the Wiesbaden-based company has had branch offices in Wolfsburg since 1979 and later in Gifhorn and Helmstedt. And they were so successful that the previous seven offices were merged in a new building in the immediate vicinity of VW in 2016. There, 1,100 development experts can work in a cutting-edge environment that covers a 25,000-square-metre space. Highlights include a superbly equipped light laboratory and test facilities for component tests in the future-oriented segment of climate and environmental simulation.

#4 Sumitomo Electric on-board networks – a network of ideas

Modern cars are getting smarter – thanks to powerful on-board networks through which the increasingly complex electrical systems in a vehicle are controlled. Sumitomo Electric AG, which employs 33,000 people worldwide, specialises in the development and production of such vehicle systems. The company has its headquarters in Wolfsburg – in a new building that opened in 2014 with offices for 400 employees. Here, the team works on and supervises the development of concepts for new vehicle models up to the delivery of the finished control systems, or they bring their creativity into play in the new technology centre and prototyping factory. One thing is certain: the automotive supplier is also well prepared for topics that will be relevant in the future, such as the processing of lightweight materials and the development of high-voltage cables for electric cars.

#5 Sitech – ensuring the right sitting comfort

Despite all the rapid developments in the industry, one thing has always remained the same since the invention of the automobile: drivers want to sit comfortably and safely. Sitech Sitztechnik GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of VW, focuses precisely on making sure they can do just that. Its headquarters are in Wolfsburg, where 1,200 employees produce up to 3,800 complete seat sets, known as ‘car sets’, for various Volkswagen models from the Golf to the Tiguan. Production here is so perfectly coordinated that the seats are produced just in time – only shortly before they are installed. In a city of short distances such as Wolfsburg, this is no problem, and points to the highest economic efficiency.

#6 Schnellecke – getting things moving

In the right place at the right time – countless transports must be organised and deliveries carried out accurately in Wolfsburg, where millions of cars and even more parts are produced. For over 70 years, Wolfsburg-based company Schnellecke Group AG & Co. KG has specialised in doing just that. Originally set up as a furniture transport operation and freight company, the company took over transport tasks for VW in 1967. Today, it is an international company serving every sector in the field of value-added logistics and logistical

#7 Volke – it all began with an idea

What should the vehicle look like? Does it have a sleek or conservative silhouette? How should the engine be built to ensure that it works efficiently and is environmentally friendly? Questions like these are answered by the Volke Group of companies, which deals with nearly every aspect of model development. To achieve this, people from a wide range of disciplines must work together quickly and efficiently – which is why the Volke Group relies on decentralised structures. At their headquarters in Wolfsburg, five independent Volke companies work together as a network in different areas of vehicle development. This results in quick decision-making processes and a high degree of efficiency.

#8 Bertrandt – a think-tank for tomorrow’s car

Thinking, tinkering, tooling – today’s cars are the result of high-caliber engineering skills. Developing the bodywork, interiors, electronics and chassis requires not only comprehensive technical knowledge, but also a good feel for trends and customer requirements. Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH in Tappenbeck near Wolfsburg is an important service provider in this sector. Not only are the vehicles of tomorrow tested here in the company’s development departments, but vehicle designers are also trained in cooperation with the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences. By the way, the company is part of the globally operating Bertrandt Group based in Ehningen, Baden-Württemberg. Would you have guessed?

#9 and #10, Wolfsburg AG and AutoVision – all in the name of Autostadt

Happy Birthday, Wolfsburg! On its 60th birthday in 1998, the Volkswagen Group gave its hometown its own company, half of which is owned by the city and half by VW: Wolfsburg AG. Its mission is to strengthen the service industry and the supplier industry around the Volkswagen Group and to build up a high-performance automotive cluster. And Wolfsburg AG has successfully created an inspiring environment for companies and skilled workers, whether they are part of recreational or educational institutions, economic development or infrastructure projects. And AutoVision – Der Personaldienstleister GmbH & Co. OHG offers tailor-made personnel solutions parallel to this. The recruitment agency is a joint venture between Wolfsburg AG and AutoVision GmbH. Both companies have more than ten years of experience in personnel services for the Volkswagen Group and customers in the automotive, metal and electronics industries.

At 4,610 euros per month, Wolfsburg has one of the highest per capita incomes nationwide.

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