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From Al Dar to Zengraf - the nightlife of Gifhorn

Champagnerflasche auf Tisch im syrischen Restaurant Al Dar im Landkreis Gidhorn (Copyright: Zeitorte - Sebastian Petersen)

Gifhorn has a vibrant restaurant and bar scene that caters to every taste. We present the most important hotspots to you, from A to Z.

#1 Al Dar – the finest Syrian cuisine

The ideal start to a long night is a healthy, delicious meal. At Al Dar, you’ve come to just the right place: this Syrian restaurant offers everything the Middle East has in store in terms of delicacies – from the famous tabouleh (a parsley salad), crispy falafels and fried dough pockets to grilled beef and lamb meatballs. The elegantly furnished yet cosy restaurant invites you to explore the diversity of Syrian cuisine. Tip: make sure to also try the outstanding wine from Lebanon!

Restaurant Al-Dar
Braunschweiger Str. 117
38518 Gifhorn
Telefon: 05371 – 589400

#2 Anno Tobak – strong tobacco!

The name says it all here: smoking is permitted in this trendy, cosy little bar – and so is celebrating in style. At the weekend, a diverse clientele of all ages gathers here, and they share a love of one thing above all: loud, hip music. Themed parties and special events are also held on occasion. The rustic, wood-panelled bar offers good times galore until its late closing time at 4 a.m. Rock on!

Anno Tobak
Lindenstr. 28
38518 Gifhorn
Telefon: 05371 – 150200

#3 Brauhaus Gifhorn – cheers!

True to the German saying ‘hops and malt, may God preserve them’, the Gifhorner Brauhaus brewery offers exactly what beer drinkers are looking for: a cosy vibe and good cheer, a wide selection of beers (five draught and five bottled beers) and varied dishes to ‘line your stomach’. These include substantial dishes such as a platter of German delicacies or a hearty knuckle of pork – as well as fine dishes such as grilled goat’s cheese and homemade gravlax. Tip: we recommend enjoying a meal and drinks outdoors when the weather is fine.

Brauhaus Gifhorn
Schützenplatz 1
38518 Gifhorn
Telefon: 05371 – 960860

#4 Cappu Bistro – always ready

Cappu Bistro is a safe bet for any occasion: food and drinks are served practically any time of the day. A range of breakfast options are available from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. during the week. And after that, the bistro menu offers everything your heart could desire: starters, salads, grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza and pasta dishes. Anyone who still has room to spare can treat themselves to one of the delicious homemade desserts. Cappu Bistro serves mixed drinks and cocktails until late – enjoy!

Cappu Bistro
Steinweg 4
38518 Gifhorn
Telefon: 05371 – 935256

#6 Flax – like celebrating with friends

‘Caution – your visit could end with a party’. Flax greets its visitors with this tongue-in-cheek warning. A special programme is offered here five days a week: Tuesday quiz night, Wednesday cocktail evening, Thursday bar night with blues and rock and roll – and what happens at the weekend is up to the diverse clientele. But one thing unites everyone who comes to Flax – a love of music. This is a rock bar, after all, so importance is placed on good sound.

Flax Rockbar
Braunschweiger Str. 3A
38518 Gifhorn
Telefon: 05371 – 3930

#7 H1 – Let there be rock!

As Herford-based writer Wiglaf Droste put it so perfectly: ‘Beer and loud rock music are among humans’ existential comforts’ – if you think so, too, you have come to the right place at H1. This rustic pub refers to itself as a ‘beer and rock bar’. The music here not only comes from a CD player; live gigs are also held here regularly. Pils drinkers will delight in the pub’s Pils Hour, which offers draught and bottled beers at especially low prices Monday through Friday from 12 p.m.–1 p.m. and 6 p.m.–8 p.m. And when football matches are on TV, everyone in the pub cheers on their team. Cheers!

H1 Bier- und Rockbar
Steinweg 26
38518 Gifhorn
Telefon: 05371 – 52348

#8 Kultbahnhof – where the music plays

Love music, either actively or passively? Then head to Kultbahnhof, the melting pot of Gifhorn’s music scene. Apart from regular live concerts, there is also a three-tiered music education programme – with a rock and pop school, early musical education and a special music school for over-fifties. It’s worth visiting the website: you won’t miss any events if you subscribe to the newsletter.

Am Bahnhof Süd 9
38518 Gifhorn
Telefon 05371 – 8132095

#9 Latino – good mood guaranteed

Want to really enjoy yourself all evening without traipsing back and forth across town? Then we’d recommend Latino, which offers everything in one place: a restaurant, pub and bar. Spread across an area of 200 square metres, Latino offers pizzas and international dishes, fresh beers and delicious cocktails. The special offers are especially popular here: on Fridays, there is a three-hour happy hour – and trays of popular spirits for a special price on Saturdays from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. Enjoy!

Braunschweiger Str. 1
38518 Gifhorn
Telefon: 05371 – 8132095

#10 Paulaʼs – go with the flow

Delicious cuisine with a view of the water – Paula’s is the perfect place to enjoy it, especially when the weather is good, as this French-style brasserie is located directly on the Aller River. You’ll be treated to a sumptuous menu here: the fantastic Irish beef burgers, which are prepared with love and the best ingredients, are known throughout Gifhorn. A further highlight from the Paula kitchen: original Alsatian tarte flambée in eight versions – even for vegetarians. Those who like to switch things up should pop in at lunchtime: the changing lunch menu will even satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs. Enjoy your meal!

Brasserie Paula’s
Steinweg 21 – 25
38518 Gifhorn
Telefon: 05371 – 7591412

#11 Ratsweinkeller – festive and dignified

Even the outside is impressive at the Ratsweinkeller: the picturesque, historic half-timbered building was built as Gifhorn’s town hall back in 1562 and adorned with magnificent wood carvings. Its inner qualities also impress, as noted by the inspectors for the 2017 Michelin Guide: ‘Not only are the wood-panelled rooms of the old half-timbered building a comfortable place to sit, the cuisine and service are also worth a visit. The dishes are classic and regional.’ Depending on the weather, you can either dine in the rustic restaurant, in the inner courtyard or on the patio – before exploring the old town.

Cardenap 1
38518 Gifhorn
Telefon: 05371 – 59111

#12 Schlossrestaurant Zentgraf – cuisine and history

Looking for a restaurant for a special occasion? Schlossrestaurant Zentgraf combines perfect hospitality, creative menus and a very special setting – right at Gifhorn Palace. Chef Jörg Zentgraf serves up, among other things, his five-course meal, Elements – consisting of the ‘elements’ of fire, air, water, earth and love. How does it taste? Try it for yourself! And if you like to cook too, then you can also book cookery courses at the Schlossrestaurant – for adults and children. Bon appétit!

Schlossrestaurant Zentgraf
Schlossplatz 1
38518 Gifhorn
Telefon: 05371 – 866655

#13 Stadthalle Gifhorn – always something going on!

Stadthalle Gifhorn, the most important event centre in the town, opened on the site of the former cultural centre in 2006. And, as befits such a venue, almost every type of art form comes together here: dance and cabaret, theatre and music, pop and classical, jazz and world music. And young and old alike regularly meet on Sundays for the popular tea dance (dates). Anyone who wants to regularly give themselves the gift of culture will find six subscription options and even a ‘flat rate for culture’: for a one-time price, you can visit all 16 events included in the theatre, Sunday and cabaret subscriptions.

Stadthalle Gifhorn
Schützenplatz 2
38518 Gifhorn
Telefon: 05371 – 59470

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